About Monkey & Me

Thais are absolutely obsessed with food. Walking down almost every street in Bangkok – you’ll be struck by a whirlwind of flavours and aromas wafting through the air.


Monkey & Me is a unique dining experience that accentuates the brightness and beauty of Thai cuisine, bringing you combinations of various Thai and Asian comfort foods with a twist. Monkey & Me takes traditional dishes from Thailand and adds our heart and soul to our dishes without ever compromising on authenticity.

One of the important keys to assure the quality of our wonderful food is the use of fresh ingredients. We source only the best and freshest spices, pastes, vegetables and herbs direct from Thailand, through our partners Thai Tana. This way we know that all our dishes are finest quality Thai food and taste sensational.


At Monkey & Me, we bring you all the secrets of the Thai world on a plate – because we want you to be obsessed with Thai food too.

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